Taj Mahal, India

Taj Mahal, the most elaborate monument ever built for love is a mesmerizing monument of pristine white marble. The structure is of pure white marble which gives a silver radiance in the soft moonlight, at dawn one can see it change color to a shell – pink glow, and at the close of the day, takes on the tawny, fiery hue of the majestic sun.

This seventh wonder of the world was built by Shahjahan in the memory of his beloved wife, Mumtaz Mahal, the lady of the Taj, who died giving birth to their 14th child. This great monument was Arjumand Banu’s last wish to her husband.

The construction of the monument started in 1631 and ended by 1653. About 20,000 people were recruited to give shape to this poetry in marble. The main sketches, Isa Khan, started from the inaccessible country of Iran. Shahjahan’s intention to build a second Taj of Black marble as his own tomb a negative image of the white Taj was shattered when he was imprisoned in the Agra Fort by his son Aurangzeb.  The last days of Emperor Shahjahan were spent in the Agra Fort from where he could see the Taj Mahal, his wife’s final resting place across the river. The Taj is a symbol of eternal love built in the loving memory of Mumtaz by the heart-broken Shahjahan who was also buried and reunited with his beloved wife.

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