Tourism in Argentina

The tourism in Argentina is today in many areas of the country one of the main branches of the service industries. It takes place particularly in areas close to the coast as well as in the numerous different, attractive landscapes, because of which the country is popular also with attendance from the foreign country.

Differently, than in many other developing countries, there were in Argentina already since end 19. Century tourism, which was carried by the inhabitants of the country. This is connected with the rich past and the traditionally strong central layer of the country, which carry also today still the majority of the tourism. The tourism from the foreign country is subject to it to fluctuations which have to essentially do with the rate of exchange of the currency and the associated price level. Thus it came into times of devaluations (in particular 1987-1990 as well as after 2002) to flashing the inflow of foreign tourists.


The all-largest part of the tourism in Argentina falls on summer holidays, which lie between in the middle of Decembers and Anfang March. The month is traditional January with the highest holiday-maker numbers since there also the employees of public services have vacation and many authorities are closed or only with little personnel to work. The cities often became extinct at this time as. A characteristic is that many enterprises give their person employed in so-called quince as (15-Tage-Perioden) vacation; so is each month in two ““Quincenas”” divided. Additional days of the holiday will assign close of the holidays in the winter or.

The second season is winter holidays, which amount to two to three weeks in July. In these holidays climatic causes the holiday’s areas visited (e.g. Jujuy, Misiones), but also the bathing resorts at the Atlantic register at this time, rather lying in the north, some visitors. A third season is the Osterwoche (March/April), in which the highest overnight accommodation ratios are often registered altogether since they clump on four days. The more over the long weekend with mobile holidays as well as the dates of different celebrations (e.g. Karneval in the northwest and northeast, Octoberfest in mansion general Belgrano, Pachamama celebrations, the de la Primavera or day of the student on 21 September, etc.) are.

A characteristic is the Turismo Estudiantes, the class travel tourism. There is normally two class travels for the Argentine pupils (7. Class and 12. Class), which take place in the Nebensaison. The by far most popular goal is thereby San Carlos de Bariloche, in addition, the mansion of Carlo Paz and Mar del Plata are visited by this kind of the tourism. For these places, this kind of the tourism is attractive despite the relatively low expenditures of the pupils since so the hotels can be charged to capacity to a large extent the whole year long.

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